Almette Cheese

German quality is appreciated all over the world. No matter what they take in Germany, everything turns out at the highest level. So you can describe Almette cream cheese based on pure cow's milk. The product contains cottage cheese, for the production of 1 kilogram of which it is necessary to use about 7 liters of milk, milk whey, salt, water, protein and citric acid. Due to its natural component, curd cheese is quite high-calorie, it contains 216 kcal per 100 grams. However, the nutritional properties of Almette cheese and its magical taste make you try it again and again. The full range of B vitamins, a large percentage of calcium and phosphorus in the cheese strengthen bones and have a beneficial effect on the human nervous system. Almette can be consumed both independently and as part of many delicious dishes for the preparation of which it is used.

Almette producers claim that they have their own cheese factories near farms, from which fresh milk is directly supplied for production. Today, production is concentrated in three countries: Germany, Poland and Russia. The German Schongau city, located in an ecologically clean area, near the Bavarian Alps, in 1988 became the birthplace of Almette. The second plant is located in Polish Wengruve, one of the cleanest regions of the country, and the third in the Belgorod region of Russia, which is also famous for its ecology and developed agriculture.

Today Almette products are produced in several forms. The classic taste with creamy notes is ideal as the basis for desserts and sauces, Almette with herbs or cucumbers will be very useful in salads, cottage cheese with porcini mushrooms or a garlic flavor is suitable for meat dishes, and with tomatoes for pasta or climbing. You can eat Almette's novelty with Maasdam cheese simply by lubricating it with a slice of fresh baguette.

Curd cheese baked goods

Many confectionery products contain curd cheese. Cakes with Almette cheese are very tasty and tender, a cream with a creamy taste gives piquancy and completeness to pastries. In addition, it is very easy to saturate thick cakes with Almette-based cream, the cream itself whips well and holds its shape even at room temperature. In the refrigerator, a cake with curd cheese cream can stand for up to 5 days.

If you need a good cream for the top and side coating of cupcakes and cakes, then a sweet cream based on cottage cheese will be very useful. It turns out elastic and does not fall for a long time. On the basis of Almette, you can cook all kinds of cheesecakes, the famous panna cotta, muffins and tiramisu. To obtain a colored cream, various berries or chocolate are simply added to the finished product, it turns out tasty and natural. Here is the recipe for an ideal cream based on Almette cheese, which can be used as a layer in cakes, to cover cupcakes, to prepare the top of pies for laying out fruits and other large decorations:

  1. Beat butter (115 grams) with 100 grams of icing sugar for 5 minutes until air is obtained.
  2. To this cream add 340 grams of cold cream cheese Almette with a creamy taste, a couple of teaspoons of vanilla and beat again for 5 minutes.
  3. To give the cream a color, add cocoa powder or a few fresh berries to the resulting mass and whisk lightly again. If pieces of berries can harm the cream, then you can pour a little juice or extract into the original mass.

Such a quantity of cheese cream is enough to cover a cake with a diameter of 22-24 centimeters or 15 medium cupcakes.

Almette also sounds good on cheesecakes. In this case, it is part of the base cake. Shortcrust pastry with cottage cheese becomes softer and more tender. In order for the cheese and sand cake to merge in the dessert, you need to remember that first sand cake is baked in the oven, and then cheese air mass is laid on top of it and they continue to bake together. When the cheesecake is ready, you can pour it with icing, or you can simply decorate it with fruits and slices of chocolate. The upper part of the cheese cake allows you to fix any edible decoration.

Almette Cheese Salads

Almette cheese at home can be added to salads. It can be both cold and hot salads based on greens, seafood, vegetables or meat dishes. For a classic salad based on couscous, you can take both classic Almette and cheese with herbs. The unconventional ingredients of such a salad make friends perfectly thanks to the creamy aftertaste. Orange, boiled beets, arugula and olive oil perfectly complement the couscous and cheese in this warm salad.

A tonic cucumber-pomegranate salad with Almette with herbs will help overcome the spring vitamin deficiency. Crispy and juicy cucumber, sweet and sour pomegranate, hot chili pepper, herbs and honey in a dressing go well with cheese with delicate creamy notes. This salad is served fresh and cold to enhance the effect of the ingredients.

In a classic Greek salad, you can also add Almette with herbs or cucumbers. The dish will get a creamy shade, it will not taste so salty. If desired, salt can simply be added to the rest of the ingredients. Almette cheese has a high calorie content, so the salad can be fully saturated and not hunger for a long time.

Tuscan salad is one of the most delicious salads based on cottage cheese. Sorrel, arugula, wild garlic and red beans provide an ideal breakfast meal in terms of energy content. Curd cheese in this recipe occupies an important place, since nothing emphasizes the shades of herbs, as Almette's pleasant salty taste. Cheese can be taken with any taste, then the salad will be unusual, with a prevailing note of cheese additives.

Hot dishes and cheese sauces

But Almette cheese does not limit its use to snacks or desserts. In the main dishes, it is just as wonderful. Cream cheese Almette in combination with fish sounds very interesting. Add it to fish pie and salmon or sturgeon will more absorb the smells of herbs used in the dish. This is because cream cheese does not allow the brightest notes of smells to come out of products, its viscous base blocks aromas in the middle of the dish, making it special. Use cheese as a base for meat sauces, such as chicken or rabbit. Just melt the cheese with cream in a saucepan, add spices, herbs and chopped onions to the prepared mixture and dip the meat in the sauce. Cover and allow to simmer until cooked. By the way, curd cheese is added not only before heat treatment of food - you can also put a few tablespoons of creamy mass with herbs aromas in a plate with hot baked pumpkin to emphasize its sweetness and degree of readiness.

How to cook curd cheese at home

Almette's homemade cheese is also very popular with gourmets and hostesses. The recipe for Almette cheese is not kept secret by manufacturers, which is why everyone can try to repeat this masterpiece in their own kitchen. Moreover, for home-made cheese, you need only 2 ingredients of cottage cheese and butter. If you want to make cheese with additives, you can use mushrooms, herbs, peppers or pieces of sun-dried tomatoes.

The oil should warm slightly at room temperature, it should not be hard, the elasticity of the product is very important. Curd is better to take proven, not salty and not sour. If it has a heterogeneous consistency and large pieces, it must be rubbed through a sieve to obtain a soft, homogeneous mass. After combining the cottage cheese with melted butter in a bowl, the mass should be beaten with a blender, gradually adding salt to taste. The result is Almette curd cheese with a creamy taste. If you want to cook the product directly from cow's milk, you can first make the cottage cheese yourself. To give the product any flavor after the main grinding of cottage cheese and butter, small pieces of mushrooms, parsley or olives are added to the blender. Everything is again frayed by the blender to the desired state.

The versatility and compatibility of Almette cheese with many products makes it indispensable in any kitchen. Sometimes a simple snack with this product becomes a real holiday. The benefits of eating cheese are obvious by eating just a spoonful of Almette, a person receives a lot of pleasant emotions and nutrients, which means that a surge of energy is provided.

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