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Scientific research on the effects of mobile phones on brain cancer

Today, a mobile phone is an integral part of our lives. For many people, leaving him at home is something scary. After all, with its help you can contact relatives and friends. Moreover, it is permissible anywhere and anytime. But, if you look on the other hand, the device is not only beneficial to humans.

In today's world of wireless communication devices, a huge number. They increased the effect of an electromagnetic field with a radio frequency on the human body. The mobile phone during operation emits special waves that affect the cells of the body, causing changes in genes and chromosomes. Due to such mutations, unhealthy particles develop.

Scientists have already done thousands of studies trying to figure out the effects of mobile phone radiation on human health. However, their results were not deciphered as necessary, but in the exact opposite. Disputes about these indicators are ongoing. In 2011, WHO listed mobile phones in group 2B in terms of harmfulness - they are provocateurs of cancer.

Those radiation that comes from the device is not ionizing, but they can affect the temperature increase of body parts that are in close proximity to it. This causes harm to the body at the gene level.

The phone has the most negative effect on the human brain. This was proved by Swedish scientists in the course of research. Their results confirmed an increased risk of a brain tumor. However, this can happen with prolonged use of a mobile phone or wireless landline. Studies have been carried out in cancer centers in Sweden. During the survey, the exposure level of mobile and wireless stationary devices was established for all subjects. 92% of respondents were diagnosed with glioma - the most common primary neoplasm of the brain. In half of these patients, it was malignant (astrocytoma IV degree).

The results of the analysis indicated that the risk of glioma increased if the use of a wireless or mobile device lasted more than one year. However, the greatest risk was in people with experience of more than 25 years. If a person most often applied the phone to one of the sides, then tumors could occur in the temporal lobe.

Glioma is the most common brain tumor. In the first two stages of development, it can be cured, since at this time it develops slowly. In the third and fourth, the growth rate increases, and the prognosis at these stages is often unfavorable.

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