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Removal of miliums

Removing milia often turns into a real dilemma for those who have experienced such rashes on their face or body. The defect is inherent not only to young people or adolescents during the hormonal adjustment period, but also to infants, elderly people.

In most cases, the formations are no larger than a few millimeters, but there are situations where they grow and cause significant inconvenience. Although for the health of a small scattering of specific wen at first does not bear much damage, in the future it becomes the root of the aesthetic problem. Also, these drawbacks indicate that the body of the victim needs special attention and revision of their mode of life.

Most often, fat globules form on the face, choosing the delicate skin under the eyes or on the eyelids. To get rid of small "grains", you have to go to radical measures. No alternative approaches like compresses or ointments from traditional medicine can provide a long-term and, most importantly, safe result.

In no case can not try to squeeze education on their own, using the advice from the Internet, even if the reviews on the method turned out to be good. Otherwise, you can only earn the complication of the course of the deviation, as well as start the mechanism of an inflammatory nature.

Medical classification

In medical terminology, special skin lesions are called milia. Outwardly, they are a small wen, which has already managed to harden, containing sebum inside its cavity. Their main problem is the complete absence of a natural hole, which would allow to get rid of the lack mechanically without the assistance of a professional.

Being located above the epidermis, their upper part is completely clogged, which complicates their subsequent neutralization, even with specialized equipment. White acne is formed as a natural response of the body to the inability to get rid of excess sebum with horny remains.

It seems to the patient that a bump has appeared under a thin layer of skin, which has received a white or slightly yellowish head. Initially milia can behave quite normally, without causing any significant discomfort to the victim, except for aesthetic unattractiveness. But this will continue only until the inflammatory process starts. It occurs when the ducts cease to be tightly clogged.

To push this outcome can the victim's own desire to squeeze white acne, which often leads to infection. First, on the eyelids or in any other place with the former localization of the formation, pronounced redness appears. Then it rapidly turns into suppuration. With the most dangerous scenario development, the patient may encounter damage to the cells surrounding the problem area in order to trigger irreversible destructive processes.

Characteristic features that are inherent in the classic milium are called:

  • average size constituting diameter from 2 to 3 mm;
  • single or group location;
  • no soreness or burning when touched.

Despite the fact that most patients seek help in removing such unsightly bumps, noticing their appearance under the eyes, this is not their only habitual place of growth. At risk were temples, cheeks, nasal wings.

Dermatologists have a separate sorting according to the format of the manifestation of miliums, which are popularly referred to simply as pro-grass because of their similarity to millet scattered on a flat surface. The primary type of education make themselves felt spontaneously. It occurs as a result of some strictly defined negative environmental factors or internal body failures.

The secondary version, which professionals call clinical, doesn’t depend on skin care products or ultraviolet radiation at all. It manifests itself only in places of scars that occur after even the slightest injury to the skin. Sometimes the secondary course of the disease is a consequence of the attenuation of the inflammatory process.

Primary sources of problems

Before you go to the beauty parlor, potential patients are asked to deal with the causes of the squander. There are many factors for its occurrence, therefore often several aspects provoke a surge of a kind of sebum release.

Among the most common sources of the disease is excessive use of decorative cosmetics.

And here it is not even as important as the quality of the product. Just when the sebaceous glands are blocked with a thick layer of powder, foundation or any other tinting agent, the pores of the skin stop working normally.

Also, the reasons for an ugly face covering with small wen are listed as:

  • incorrect functioning of some internal organs;
  • wrong diet;
  • excessive use of thermal procedures.

The first point of the program involves malfunctions of not only the gastrointestinal tract, but also the pancreas and liver. Both one body and all at once can stop performing their duties. In such a situation, trying to excise the tubercles with a laser will be a useless exercise. We'll have to start the treatment from the inside to remove the barrier to the radiant, beautiful skin.

The abuse of junk food is becoming a direct way to obesity. Likewise, laying off excess sebum in miliums works. When an overly salty, sweet, fried or smoked food is abundantly present in the daily menu, this will quickly affect the person’s appearance.

No less dangerous is the passion for tanning. And we are talking not only about visiting the solarium, but also about a long stay on the beach during the most scorching hours.

In adolescents and middle-aged women, hormonal adjustment becomes the primary source of difficulties. No less frequent cause is toxic poisoning of the body from the inside, which occurs during long-term systematic accumulation of toxins. Bad habits like drinking alcohol and smoking also add to the risks of being hit by fatty "pips." Especially worth being attentive to people who suffer from increased dryness of the skin of the face. But the most important pillar for the development of lesions is insufficient skin hygiene. This applies both to the inability to pick up normal care products, and the habit not to wash makeup before going to bed.

Types of Milium Removal

White acne is strictly forbidden to squeeze yourself at home due to the increased likelihood of infection in the open wound surface. It will be much more effective if you make an appointment with a dermatologist, and he will decide on the spot which option to neutralize the seaweed will work best.

In some cases, you will need to undergo additional tests. It is also worth preparing for the fact that the price of each type of removal will vary significantly. Moreover, each method has its own advantages, disadvantages and contraindications.

Only after consulting the attending physician can you go to look for a place where they will conduct the necessary intervention at a qualitative level.

Sometimes the clinic for the convenience of consumers offers several technologies, as well as related services. Modern types of milium removal include the following categories:

  • mechanical;
  • electrocoagulation;
  • laser solution;
  • curettage

The first approach is listed in the classics of the genre, relying in its performance on squeezing the fat content with a needle. Some patients believe that they will be able to repeat the manipulation on their own, but they will not be able to clean their face properly. It is this preparatory stage with subsequent disinfection is a reliable foundation that protects the skin from possible damage by pathogens.

The doctor will wield a thin special needle, which must be sterile. First, it pierces the skin at a certain angle, and then undermines the upper layer in order to pull out the entire body of the formation.

The victim immediately warned that such a proposal, although it would be more budget than radio wave, but compared with innovative technologies will become more traumatic. A wound is formed at the site of the former puncture, which needs special daily care for about a week. Only thanks to such a scrupulous approach will ensure rapid healing.

The curettage technique works a little on a similar principle. It is based on the use of a special sharp spoon. With its help it turns out to carry out a white pimple scraping. But the method has a significant drawback - scars, which disappear for a very long time. The procedure is much simpler if electrocoagulation is preferred. The scheme of work includes cauterization of the neoplasm. During the immediate suppression of "bumps", patients note the appearance of the characteristic smell of burnt skin.

The impact occurs with high-frequency current, which then provokes the occurrence of scabs. If you take care of the time allotted for rehabilitation, they will get rid of ugly elements without any visible marks.

But the most popular option today is the help of the laser. White eel leaves due to the influence of a beam of flux on it. The essence of the procedure echoes the usual coagulation, except that there are more followers of the laser alternative because of the short recovery period.

The method belongs to the category of contactless and most accurately targeted, which helps to protect the surrounding healthy tissue from laser radiation. At the end of the manipulation, the scars are absent almost immediately, and for the care during the postoperative period it will not be necessary to spend a lot of time and medication.

Removal in children and adults

Often it happens that the seedling, which is localized under the eyes, leaves approximately a couple of months after the appearance. This happens for physiological reasons, because it is for such a period that the skin has time to be updated.

But if the process has slowed down significantly, and milia do not go away on their own, then this is a reason to consult a doctor. In some cases, they are not something that does not go away, but continue to grow. Cope with the defeat of ointments or other pharmacological drugs will not work. Delete them only radically.

In adults, the percentage most exposed to the negative impact of this kind of the weaker sex. And most often they have a zone right under the eyes, where the most sensitive skin is located. Because of this, it is possible to neutralize the wen under the eyes only in the most gentle ways, so as not to leave traces of cauterization or extrusion. Another obstacle can be anatomical features that are caused by the concentration of important nerves in the specified area.

Risks of damage by the grass are high even in newborns. They are localized for the most part in the nose. Some parents try to get rid of unpleasant-looking cones on their own. Doctors warn that in the presence of formations with sizes less than 3 millimeters, you should not be afraid. If they do not cause significant discomfort in the baby like itching, then they should be left alone. After some time, the prosyanka will pass by itself.

Also, do not be frightened if relatively untypical areas of the body such as the baby’s scalp or lower extremities fall within the radius of the lesion During inspection, they are occasionally found even on a hard palate or on the inside of the lips.

The reasons for such a strange pathology becomes a problem connected with the digestion that has not yet been fully established. It is worth making a discount on the weak gastrointestinal tract, as well as the instability of the hormonal background, which will be installed the first two or three months of life of the crumbs. Pediatricians are just asking moms and dads not to try to squeeze out the milk by hand, putting the baby at risk of infection.

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