Medical services

Help to the pool

A visit to the pool allows you to solve many problems with the musculoskeletal system, helps to improve physical fitness and simply brings a lot of positive emotions. It is known that during swimming almost all the muscles of a person are involved, respectively, the spinal muscles strengthen and most ailments disappear. This document is not always required from adults. It depends on a specific pool, but most often the availability of a certificate is imperative. This medical document is necessary in order to prevent a person with diseases that are transmitted by contact from entering the pool. These include dermatitis, fungus, helminthiasis.

To issue a certificate to the pool for an adult, he needs to contact a therapist who will issue a referral for some specialists: a gynecologist, a dermatologist and a venereologist. In addition to public hospitals, this document can be issued in private clinics and those professionals who work in institutions with a pool. Most sports clubs and fitness centers provide this opportunity.

Some people are interested in whether you can issue this document for free. Since this design is not included in the list of compulsory health insurance, for most people this service is paid. But in every situation there are exceptions. If a visit to the pool is appointed by examiners, then the person has the right to receive a medical certificate for free. To do this, contact the doctor who determined the disease.

Clearance help

Registration of a certificate to the pool requires visits to certain specialists, the list of which is established depending on the epidemiological situation. With a medical certificate you can prevent many infectious diseases and epidemics. It is for this reason that Rospotrebnadzor takes this issue seriously and requires the availability of this certificate in accordance with the document. If an institution with a pool has a prescription from Rospotrebnadzor, then employees have the right to demand a medical certificate from visitors. If there is no prescription, it is illegal to require this document. In certain cases, this may be punishable and an article on administrative liability is provided for this.

Help for the child

It is worth noting that a child of school and preschool age must necessarily have a document to visit the pool. Absolutely does not matter the number of classes. Even if the child needs to visit the swimming pool one-time, help is still necessary. First of all, the child should visit the pediatric pediatrician and pass the test for the presence of parasites in the body. Received children's certificate may be valid for 3 months. To continue visiting the institution, you must re-pass the doctor and pass the tests.

What data does the help contain?

This type of document looks quite simple. Often, the name, surname and patronymic of the person is entered into it. This information can indicate absolutely every person. Also, the certificate must contain the name of the institution in which it will be issued. It should be understood that this should be a medical institution that is recognized by the state. Also there should be indicated the age of a person and a number of tests: a blood test, a test for the presence of parasites, scraping for enterobiasis. As a result, the document must contain the opinion of a specialist. The physician should make a general conclusion about the state of human health and indicate whether any diseases have been identified. At the end of the document should be the date, signature and stamp of the institution. Especially important is the presence of a seal, because without it the document has no status.

The standard paper for swimming pools in Russia is a reference form 083 / 4-89. It should contain three stamps: a rectangular stamp, a pediatrician or therapist's seal, and a seal of a medical institution. If a person was examined in more than one clinic, then there could be more seals.

In order to start issuing a certificate, a person, regardless of age, must have a health insurance policy.