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Rash in the form of bubbles

The appearance of vesicles filled with liquid on the skin can speak of a simple problem as well as a serious illness. The rash is localized on different parts of the body, including the mucous membrane. It happens in different shapes and sizes. Below we will analyze when it is necessary to be afraid of bubble eruptions, and when not.

Symptoms and Causes of Rash

When something goes wrong in the body, it signals it through the skin. It can become dry, change color or become covered with a rash. Rash are in the form of spots, ulcers, vesicles and nodules. In medicine, the common name for such symptoms is rash. Bubbly rash (vesicles) is easily distinguished from all others: a small bump appears above the skin surface, which contains a clear liquid. If there is pus in this tubercle, we are talking about ulcers, and the spots and nodules are “empty”, but sometimes dense.

Such a symptom occurs with mechanical skin lesions, infections, autoimmune disruptions. Bubbly - one of the dangerous causes of the rash, which is important to cure. This is a rare autoimmune disease in which a rash occupies large areas of the body, including on the mucous membrane. The rash can peel off, individual vesicles of different sizes merge into a single area. With such symptoms, the patient urgently needs hospitalization. Similar symptoms occur in psoriasis. Although in this case the patient is not in danger, you need to contact a dermatologist to be sure of the diagnosis.

There are more serious diseases, which also appear bubbles on the skin. A blistering rash is another autoimmune disease with bubble rash. Appears only in elderly people. The vesicles cover only the skin, red spots appear between the pimples, the exanthema is compacted to the touch. If the rash is accompanied by symptoms of an eating disorder (bloating, vomiting, diarrhea, etc.), it may be a herpetiform dermatitis. In this case, the rash starts from the elbows and knees, buttocks, neck.

In addition to the main symptom of bubbly exanthema, there are a number of associated symptoms. This may be fever, itching, lack of appetite. Such a set of symptoms is determined by the very reason for which the rash appeared. The most common causes of lesions in the form of bubbles on the body:

  1. Prickly heat - a painful condition of the skin, in which there are many vesicles in closed areas of the body and skin folds. The disease manifests itself after overheating, friction and sweating. When prickly heat, the rash is localized under the breast, in the gluteal cavity, in the inguinal folds. In children, this disease manifests itself in different parts of the body. Without treatment and prevention, vesicles suppurate.
  2. Infections. Vesicles often appear with smallpox, rubella, scarlet fever, measles. If the temperature rises together with the rash, the lymph nodes are enlarged, the tonsils are inflamed, the cause is most likely in the infection. It is impossible to comb the vesicles, since ambassadors of recovery can leave scars.
  3. Herpes is a viral disease that is different from the rest of the rash. Most often with herpes, a rash in the form of bubbles appears on the lips, in the nasolabial folds, less often on the genitals. One or several vesicles filled with a transparent liquid are formed on the body; a red rim appears around the tubercle. The rash in the early stages is itchy, hot to the touch. Such symptoms heal within a week, without leaving marks. Bubbles on the mucous and genital organs should be treated with a specialist.
  4. Stomatitis - the appearance of vesicles in the mouth. It may also be accompanied by fever, lethargy, inflammation and an increase in lymph nodes.
  5. Scabies is a disease caused by ticks. The pathogen is transmitted through domestic and sexual contacts, in natural conditions. Small bubbles appear between the fingers, on the palms, genitals. The appearance of the vesicles is preceded by a rash in the form of spots, in place of which the bumps with the liquid gradually appear. To scratch these rashes can not, because they are easily infected. Treatment takes place only under the supervision of a dermatologist.
  6. Allergies and insect bites are the most common and less dangerous cause of blistering rash. At the same time, vesicles can appear anywhere in the body. A rash can be scattered throughout the skin; in allergies, individual pimples sometimes come together. A distinctive feature of such vesicles is severe itching, general well-being remains normal. In allergy sufferers, symptoms disappear after taking antihistamines. Insect bites must be treated with antiseptics, alcohol or iodine.

In addition to these causes, vesicular rash appears from scratches and cat bites. This is called felinoz, if the human skin is damaged, the animal infects the wound with parasites. The first signs appear after 2 weeks, and a red shade is visible at the injury site. Then a vesicle is formed on the same site, lymph nodes are enlarged, and the temperature rises.

What to do with rashes

If the cause of the disease is accurately traced, for example, in case of allergies or prickly heat, the patient can get rid of the symptoms on his own. Allergy sufferers should be prescribed by a doctor, after taking the medicine, the signs of the disease disappear. When prickly heat is important personal hygiene, the affected skin should be treated with soft antiseptics, talcum powder. For prevention you need to change bed linen every three days, wear clean clothes that do not irritate the skin.

If the rash on the arms, legs or other parts of the body appeared abruptly - no need to treat yourself. Reception from a dermatologist will take no more than an hour, but a specialist will determine the exact cause and select a safe treatment. At the reception will need to answer questions:

  • when a rash appeared;
  • whether it is progressing or not;
  • were there any other symptoms;
  • did any other member of the family like that;
  • has it happened before

If the rash in the form of bubbles appears on the genitals, it is necessary to visit a dermatovenerologist. If the rash appears periodically and passes on its own, consultation with an allergist and a dermatologist is necessary, in which case it is also important to establish the cause of this phenomenon.

Rashes in the form of bubbles in a child are more likely to occur because of hemorrhage. But do not take any rash to chickens, if you are not sure. In children, these symptoms can also talk about allergies, autoimmune diseases, infections. If the vesicles do not disappear after treatment with antiseptics and wound healing, you should visit the pediatrician. If there is a temperature during the rash, diarrhea, the child becomes restless or, on the contrary, constantly sleeping, this is a reason to see a doctor sooner.

Rashes in the form of bubbles on the body appear from external or internal factors. It could be an infection, an allergy, or an autoimmune disease. In treatment, it is important to establish the exact cause of the rash. From the influence of external factors, vesicles appear singly or in a limited area of ​​the body, pass quickly and leave no traces. If these symptoms occur regularly, consult a dermatologist.

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