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Doctors called the beneficial properties of mushrooms

Mushrooms are a unique product, so scientists are not the first to study their positive and negative properties. Doctors after a series of studies decided to talk about the benefits of mushrooms.

The benefits of mushrooms according to doctors

The uniqueness of mushrooms is primarily in their balanced composition. They contain nutrients, minerals and vitamins. The energy value of most species ranges from 35 to 45 kilocalories per 100 grams. Unfortunately, some types of fungi are poisonous and toxic, so they can seriously harm human health.

Doctors conducted several studies and found that in a natural product 2 times more protein than in chicken eggs and meat products. Also, many types of fungi contain amino acids that help strengthen the immune system. Domestic doctors noted that by consuming the fruit bodies in small quantities, the cells are rejuvenated, the lack of vitamins is eliminated and the memory is improved.

Scientists have proven that natural food prevents the development of tumors, a positive effect on the brain. It was found out - mushrooms help in the treatment of tuberculosis and allergic reactions. Food has a positive effect on the work of the stomach.

Pectin, iron, potassium and magnesium, which are part of the valuable product, significantly affect the liver and heart, stabilize the pressure in the arteries. Doctors advised people to cut off the legs of the fruit bodies in order to avoid feeling of heaviness in the stomach. For a better assimilation of the natural product, it should be boiled in salted water. Doctors do not recommend giving mushrooms to children under 12 years old, since the children's body does not absorb this product well.

The results of numerous studies prove once again that fruit bodies are very useful. They have the following positive effects: antimicrobial and immunomodulatory, antidiabetic and antioxidant. Some types of valuable product have antitumor effects.

Mushrooms help fight cancer

In modern medicine, caterpillar fungi or cordyceps are widely used. This natural product slows the growth of tumors. Scientists attribute this fact to the fact that it contains a compound that affects gene synthesis (it reduces inflammation, slows down cellular reactions in injured tissues). This is the conclusion reached by a group of scientists from the University of Nottingham.

The researchers also found that the use of a caterpillar fungus or its juice normalizes the work of the kidneys and liver. Cordyceps is an antidepressant, normalizes blood circulation in the body, normalizes cholesterol levels in the blood.

Ordinary champignons are also considered curative, as scientists ascribe an antitumor effect to them. This scientific fact was proved by American researchers who conducted their tests and analyzes at Tufts University. They found that champignons have a positive effect on dendritic cells, which are produced by the immune system to fight against malignant tumors. Doctors advise to periodically eat medicinal fruit bodies in order to prevent and treat oncology.

A similar antitumor effect can boast of such a variety of mushrooms like chanterelles. The effect is due to the fact that the natural product contains polyozellin (the substance helps a person to cope with cancer in the early stages of the disease).

Japanese experts have studied the properties of the fruit body called gruz. Scientists have extracted polysaccharides from it and began to introduce rodents into the body. During the experiment, it turned out to prove that this component inhibits the growth of sarcoma. Also in China, physicians analyzed the positive properties of the Santhwan tinder. It is effectively used in Chinese medicine for the treatment of various forms of cancer, in particular leukemia.

The benefits of fungi for brain activity

In Malaysia, a team of scientists has proven that certain types of fungi are effective in combating neurodegenerative diseases and Alzheimer's disease. Experts have found that the biologically active components that are part of the valuable product, enhance the production of substances that protect the neurons in the brain.

For neurodegenerative diseases, the following types of mushrooms should be eaten:

  • tinder;
  • curly griffin;
  • cheerful woman;
  • tree fungus;
  • hedgehog comb.

In many pharmacies you can buy the juice of these products (it is sold in the form of tinctures and capsules). The researchers also noted that the useful components are stored in the caps and legs after drying.

Harm to mushrooms

Although a valuable product has many positive effects, it is not completely harmless. Different types of fungi are poorly outraged in the gastrointestinal tract (GIT) due to chitin. The process of secretion of gastric juice also slows down, as a result of which other food is slowly absorbed. Only because of these factors, some scientists say that champignons, chanterelles, tinder and other species are heavy food.

The researchers found out - the largest concentration of chitin is in the legs of a valuable product. Therefore, before cooking, you need to either cut them off or remove the top layer. The disadvantage of fruit bodies is their ability to accumulate harmful substances from the environment.

In ninety percent of cases of botulism caused by the use of canned mushrooms. With improper harvesting and storage conditions, even the most expensive mushrooms can be a deadly poison. Sometimes a person develops an individual intolerance to such food. If after eating mushroom dishes a digestive upset (nausea, vomiting, bloating, feeling of heaviness in the stomach) began, you should immediately consult a doctor.

Despite the negative properties of the product, in small quantities it will not be able to harm human health. Adding a few caps in salads, casseroles and soups can not only enrich your diet, but also help the body cope with various diseases.

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