Scarlet fever treatment

Treatment of scarlet fever - a set of drugs and therapeutic techniques designed to speed up the course of the disease, eliminate the symptoms of pathology and prevent the development of serious consequences and complications. Since scarlet fever is an infectious disease, its consequences can be quite serious. It is impossible not to cure this disease, since the active reproduction of bacteria causing this disease often leads to the occurrence of chronic pathologies in the internal organs and systems of the human body.

The most popular methods of treatment of scarlet fever today are drug treatment with antibiotics.

Medication for scarlet fever

The main treatment for scarlet fever will always be drug treatment. Among the drugs occupy an important place antibacterial agents, symptomatic drugs, as well as drugs that are responsible for improving the protective functions of the body and immunity.

Antibacterial agents are required to be used for scarlet fever to suppress the activity of streptococcus, which is the cause of the disease. Antibiotics of the penicillin group are most commonly used, but if they are intolerable, other groups of antibacterial agents can be used, for example, Tetracycline, Erythromycin.

Therapy for scarlet fever in children depends on their age. Depending on it, one or another dosage of drugs is used within a day. The duration of antibiotic therapy rarely exceeds 7 days, but in this matter you should always follow medical recommendations and never finish the treatment before the prescribed period of the doctor. With the passage of a full course of antibiotics, the human body has the opportunity to develop immunity to the disease and the patient will never be able to get scarlet fever again.

In cases of severe hyperthermia during the course of scarlet fever, doctors prescribe antipyretic drugs to patients, most often on the basis of paracetamol or ibuprofen. These active ingredients are effective both in adults and in children, as part of many drugs, for example, Panadol, Nurofen, Calpol and others. When taking antipyretic drugs, it is important to simultaneously increase the volume of fluid taken per day, because a decrease in body temperature at a rapid pace against the background of the effects of these funds will cause the body to lose fluid.

It is best to replenish stocks of liquid compotes, juices and broths rich in vitamin C - cranberry morsom, cherry compote, tea with raspberries, broth hips.

Inflammatory processes in the throat with scarlet fever require the use of special antiseptic preparations in the form of aerosols, lozenges, solutions for rinsing. Among them are the most popular Tantum Verde, Lizobakt, Ingalipt, rinse solutions can be prepared at home on the basis of soda, sea salt and other antibacterial components.

To maintain and restore impaired microflora in the intestines with antibiotics, specialists always prescribe a parallel intake of probiotics to patients. Effective probiotics include Acipol, Linex and many others.

To facilitate the progress of the disease and speed up the healing process, along with active antibacterial therapy, patients are prescribed high-quality supportive, immune-strengthening and enhancing protective functions of the body. To this end, experts prescribe vitamins (Undevit, Vitamin C) and immunostimulating complexes, among which Immunal, Imudon and many others can be distinguished. Also, to replenish the reserves of vitamin C, you can use healthy foods - cranberries, rosehips, lemon, sea buckthorn and decoctions based on them. It is useful to use foods rich in B-group vitamins, because these vitamins actively normalize the functionality of all systems in the human body.

Also, the complex of symptomatic treatment for scarlet fever almost always includes remedies that eliminate skin itching caused by rashes. These symptoms are usually worse at the beginning of recovery, because the rash begins to fade and peel off, which causes skin to contract and itch. To this end, it is necessary to use antihistamines in the form of tablets, as well as creams and ointments of local effects, soothes irritation and softens the skin. Corticosteroid drugs are prescribed only as a last resort.

The main pharmacological drugs and medicines of different groups used to treat scarlet fever can be summarized in a special table.

The main pharmacological drugs and medicines of different groups used to treat scarlet fever
Drug namePharmaceutical GroupThe purpose and effect of the drug
ErythromycinAntimicrobial and antiparasitic agents.



According to the spectrum of action - close to penicillins. In therapeutic doses, prevents the proliferation of bacteria. Applied with diseases associated with the presence of microbes in the blood, with infectious pathologies, when oral administration is ineffective or impossible, intravenous administration of the soluble form, erythromycin phosphate, is used.
TetracyclineAntimicrobial and antiparasitic agents.



Inside prescribed to patients with pneumonia, bronchitis, purulent pleurisy, whooping cough, sore throat, scarlet fever and other infectious diseases caused by microorganisms that are sensitive to this antibiotic.
BitillinAntibacterial drugs for systemic use.Active against: Staphylococcus spp. (except producing penicillinase), Corynebacterium diphtheriae, Streptococcus spp. (Streptococcus pneumoniae); Gram-negative: Actinomyces israelii, Neisseria meningitidis, and Treponema spp., anaerobic, forming spores. Treatment of infections in cases with the need for long-term maintenance of a constant concentration of the drug in the blood.
IngaliptRespiratory system medications. Drugs used in diseases of the pharynx. Antiseptics.The combined drug has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, cooling and distracting effect. Active in the case of gram-positive and gram-negative microorganisms. Treats infectious-inflammatory tonsillitis, laryngitis, pharyngitis, aphthous and ulcerative stomatitis.
Tantum verdeMeans for use in dentistry. Means for local use in the oral cavity.Effective to facilitate localized irritating pathological process in the oral cavity and pharynx. Symptomatically treats irritation and inflammation of the oropharynx, pain.
LizobactAntiseptic, immunomodulatory agent.It has an antiseptic effect. Lysozyme contains antiviral activity. Pyridoxine promotes the regeneration of the oral mucosa. It is intended for topical use for the treatment of oral mucosa of infectious and inflammatory genesis. Suitable for the treatment of erosive and ulcerative lesions of the oral mucosa of various etiologies, aphthous ulcerations, gingivitis, stomatitis, complex therapy of herpes sores in the oral cavity.
GramidinAntimicrobial and antiparasitic agents.Antibacterial agent for topical administration, for resorption in the oral cavity. It acts on almost all pathogens of infectious and inflammatory diseases of the pharynx. The tool is not addictive bacteria. Treats infectious lesions with the prevalence of pain: gingivitis, strep throat, tonsillitis, periodontitis, stomatitis.
ImmunalDrugs, correcting and stimulating the processes of immunity.Stimulator of non-specific immunity. Prevention of colds and flu. It is used to weaken the functional state of the immune system caused by various factors, chronic inflammatory diseases.
ImudonDrugs, correcting and stimulating the processes of immunity.Polyvalent drug consisting of inactive microorganisms that cause infectious lesions of the oral mucosa. It is effective in pathological conditions of the oral cavity, occurring with the development of pain, gingivitis, ulceration of the oral mucosa, unpleasant smell from the mouth. It is indicated for the treatment of infectious and inflammatory etiology. Used to treat acute and chronic tonsillitis.
LinexAntidiarrheal microbial drugs.Combined preparation of 3 different types of lyophilized lactic acid bacteria of different parts of the intestine, which are part of the normal intestinal microflora. For complex treatment of intestinal dysbiosis, diarrhea caused by infections of the digestive tract, the use of antibiotics.
AtsipolMeans normalizing the intestinal microflora, in combinations.Assign for the prevention and treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, in children from 3 months of age and adults; in combination with traditional treatment of dysbacteriosis and conditions leading to its development, including long-term antibiotic therapy, for the prevention of dysbacteriosis, increasing the overall resistance of the organism.
UndevitMeans that affect mainly the processes of tissue metabolism.


Multivitamins without mineral complexes.

Multivitamin drug that increases the overall nonspecific resistance of the body.
To improve metabolic processes and overall condition.
Vitamin CVitamins. Simple preparations of ascorbic acid (vitamin C).For the treatment of hypovitaminosis and vitamin C deficiency. Provides the body's need for vitamin C in acute respiratory and infectious pathologies; various intoxications, diseases of the connective tissue, bleeding; during the recovery period after severe pathologies, surgical interventions; for injuries of soft tissues that heal slowly, infected wounds and bone fractures.
ZyrtecHistamine and antihistamine drugs.The drug, which has antiallergic effect, is a blocker of H1-receptors. For the treatment of chronic idiopathic urticaria, as well as symptoms of allergic rhinitis.
EriusDrugs that act primarily on the peripheral nervous system of an anti-histamine nature.A long-acting non-sedative antihistamine that selectively blocks peripheral histamine H1 receptors. Eliminates allergic rhinitis, relieves symptoms of chronic urticaria.
TelfastAntihistamine medications.Antiallergic effect is due to the blockade of H1-receptors. Elimination of allergy symptoms in: seasonal rhinitis, hay fever, chronic urticaria.
TavegilAntihistamine drugs.Antihistamine drug for prolonged exposure. Does not cause sedation. It is used in allergic diseases.
PanadolPainkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs.

Analgesics, antipyretics.

The drug contains paracetamol, which has a pronounced antipyretic and analgesic effects. It inhibits the synthesis of prostaglandins, reducing the activity of the enzyme cyclooxygenase. Eliminates the pain syndrome of various etiologies, symptoms of influenza, including hyperthermia, headache and muscle pain.
CalpolPainkillers and analgesic, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory drugs. Analgesics, antipyretics.The basis of the action is the antipyretic and analgesic ability of paracetamol. Used in the treatment of children as an antipyretic for colds, post-vaccination reactions, childhood infectious processes and other pathological conditions in which there is an increase in temperature.
ParacetamolPainkillers and analgesic, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory drugs. Analgesics, antipyretics.It has antipyretic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic properties. It contributes to the inhibition of the excitability of the thermoregulation center, inhibits the production of prostaglandins, organic mediators of inflammation. It is used in the symptomatic treatment of pain syndrome of various origin and intensity, as well as conditions accompanied by hyperthermia in infectious and inflammatory diseases.
NurofenPainkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs.

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

It has analgesic and antipyretic effects. The mechanism of action is a blocking effect on the synthesis of specific substances that support the inflammatory response. It is used for fever in infectious - inflammatory diseases, severe pain or an infectious inflammatory process in diseases of the ENT - organs, adnexitis, algomenorrhea, headache and dental pain.

Homeopathic remedies

Homeopathy as a science offers patients their vision of scarlet fever therapy. Homeopaths insist that when the first symptoms of this disease are detected, the patient must be provided with bed rest with the air parameters in the room within 16-20 degrees. To ensure the warmth of the patient should be well dressed and covered with a warm blanket, but not to increase the temperature of the air in the room. In the presence of constipation at the start of the disease, the body must be cleaned with an enema. The whole period until the patient recovers, it is required to feed him with mucous cereal broth and boiled milk.

To relieve sore throat with scarlet fever, homeopaths recommend taking 30 drops of Fitolacca water solution, which you can drink or use as a rinse solution. Heat with the help of homeopathy can be eliminated by Aconite, using 2 drops of the drug every 1-2 hours. Until the peeling of the skin continues, the patient should not be let out of the room on the street.

In case of complication of scarlet fever by bloom in the throat, it is necessary to treat the patient with Mercurius cyanatus once every 2 hours, 2 drops until all the films completely go off the pharynx. In the case of an increase in cervical lymph nodes, it is recommended to apply 3 drops of Apis every 2-3 hours until the condition is normalized. For otitis, homeopaths recommend using 2 drops of Hepara sulfuris every 3 hours for 2 days, and then changing the drug to Silicea, which will need to be used before full recovery in a dose of 2 drops every 2 hours.

Symptoms of intoxication with scarlet fever are recommended to be overcome by homeopaths as follows. Severe fever, accompanied by delirium, loss of consciousness, can be treated with a solution of 30 drops per glass of water of the drug Rus, which should be drunk as often as possible. Weakness homeopaths help to overcome Lachesis and Arsenik, the alternate use of 2 drops of which every 2-4 hours will help to restore strength and improve overall well-being.

Barite carbonica, Calcarea or Silicea will help with the suppuration of the lymph nodes, if you apply them every 3 hours with 2 drops.Arachnoiditis, meningitis, inflammation of the eye is treated with two drops of Belladonna and Apis, used alternately every 2 hours. Glomerulonephritis is treated by Kantaris and Gelleborus, applying them in turn every 2 hours, 2 drops can quickly achieve a lasting positive effect. With a prolonged course of scarlet fever and a long-lasting rash in the morning and evening, it is necessary to take 2 drops of Gepar sulfuris.

It is necessary to use homeopathic therapy only under the supervision of a qualified specialist, since such methods of treatment are not easy to use and cannot always demonstrate proper efficacy. It is also recommended to consult with a therapist about the appropriate use of such therapy.

Folk remedies

Scarlet fever has long been treated and popular recipes. The effectiveness of such funds can be quite high, if you use them on the recommendation of a doctor and in combination with antibiotics. Self-medication folk remedies for infectious diseases is unacceptable.

For gargling, you need to make a thirty percent citric acid solution and use it hourly. You can suck sliced ​​lemon slices regularly instead of such rinses. Lemon therapy helps to saturate tissues with vitamin C, has a disinfecting and antiseptic effect, which is very useful for scarlet fever.

To eliminate the boils in the throat with scarlet fever in traditional medicine is an effective way. For it you need to use the fibers that grow on the inside of the pumpkins, put them in milk and apply this medicine to the boils. As the compresses dry out, they are replaced with fresh ones. With the regular use of this medication boils gradually burst. Often this compress helps to reduce the temperature when scarlet fever.

Cedar infusion in folk medicine is considered one of the most effective methods for the treatment of scarlet fever. For its preparation, cedar branches along with needles are cut, 5-10 tablespoons of this cutting is taken and filled with 0.5-1 liter of boiling water. Infusion is poured into a thermos and insist 8-10 hours, then filtered and drunk throughout the day instead of plain water. It is necessary to be treated with cedar extract for a long time - from 3 to 6 months, being interrupted for 14 days after each month.

To remove toxic streptococcal substances from the body, a decoction of blueberry branches is required. The branches with the leaves are cut, 1 tablespoon of them is poured with a glass of water and boiled on a small fire for 10 minutes. Then the broth is insisted in a thermos for 1 hour and filtered. It is necessary to drink it all day in small sips.

To eliminate streptococcus bacteria from the surface of the mucous membrane of the patient with scarlet fever, you can use rinsing tea from a cepacus, which contains myricitrin, which has antibacterial properties. To make tea, add a teaspoon of powdered celery root to a vessel with half a liter of water and brew tea for 15 minutes. Then they add a little milk to the tea, cool it and rinse their throats twice a day.

Fighting symptoms at home

Bring down the temperature

In order to bring down the temperature of a child with scarlet fever at home, you can not immediately use antipyretic drugs, but try to cope with the task with the help of folk recipes.

If you buy pharmaceutical herbs - linden, elder, leaves of raspberry and blackberry, you can prepare antipyretic herbal tea, for which a tablespoon of a mixture of the above herbs is poured with boiling water, infused for 10 minutes, filtered and ingested. To sweeten the infusion can be added to the mixture a little honey. Or prepare a warm compote for the child based on raspberry jam, which also very quickly brings down the heat.

To alleviate the heat of the patient with scarlet fever, you can use a wet towel that is wetted with water and applied to the patient's forehead, and after heating it, it is wetted again and the procedure is repeated. In this way, the patient’s condition can be greatly alleviated.

To reduce the body temperature can be applied at home and acetic or alcohol wiping. For this, vinegar or alcohol is added to pure water in equal proportions, and this solution wipes the patient with a high temperature. After wiping the patient does not need to dress and wrap in a blanket. However, before using such a method, it is important to coordinate its use with your doctor, because children's skin, for example, can very quickly absorb toxins from alcohol and vinegar, which will lead to poisoning.

With a high body temperature of a patient with scarlet fever, it must be remembered that he needs to provide some climatic conditions within the premises. The temperature of the air in his room should not be above 20 degrees so that the bacterial infection does not have the opportunity to multiply outside the body.

Relieve itching, treat skin rashes and peeling

To relieve skin itching for scarlet fever, the patient needs to use local antihistamines or antiallergic drugs in the form of tablets. As a topical treatment for itchy skin, you can use Calamine Lotion. Scarlet fever rash is not something to treat. However, in case of severe discomfort from itching, you should regularly moisturize the epidermis with oils, milk and creams with a neutral pH. When the rash can bathe the patient with scarlet fever, but it is important to ensure that the water was at room temperature. It is impossible to apply abrasive washcloths or detergents when bathing, also the patient’s skin cannot be rubbed strongly.

Skin rashes for this disease should not be treated with alcohol-containing or acidic liquids (hydrogen peroxide, salicylic alcohol), since all of them will provoke irritation. Local antiseptic preparations can dry the epidermis, which will lead to aggravation of the inflammatory process on the skin. Zelenka or iodine for scarlet fever will only aggravate itching, peeling, dry out the skin and will not help to eliminate the infection.

Nothing should be applied to the newly formed rash. Only at 4-5 days of illness can you begin to use emollients that help prevent the peeling that occurs. Hypoallergenic baby cream or Panthenol can be used as emollients. Pink rashes can be cleaned with chamomile decoction, which reduces inflammation and regenerates the skin.

Than gargle

Rinsing the throat with scarlet fever at home will help to clear tonsils from plaque, reduce the soreness and redness of the throat. At home, you can regularly conduct gargling with special solutions of Chlorophyllipt, Furacilin, Miramistin, Stomatidin, Chlorhexidine, Yox. Also, the therapeutic solution can be prepared from salt, soda and decoction of medicinal herbs, such as eucalyptus, chamomile, lime blossom, calendula, sage.

Duration of treatment

It is impossible to accurately answer the question about the duration of scarlet fever, since everything depends on the individual resistance of the human body to infections. The temperature usually begins to fall on the fifth or seventh day after the onset of the disease, the rash goes to the tenth. The standard incubation period lasts for scarlet fever also 10 days, but the quarantine is prolonged for a much longer period. After complete recovery, the child is prohibited from visiting the children's team for another 12 days, which is associated with the possibility of late severe complications when the outdated streptococcal bacteria enter the body. Even if the child does not suffer from scarlet fever, but has been in contact with the sick person and himself has not previously tolerated this infection, he is isolated from the team for 17-22 days after such contact.

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