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How to clean the gallbladder at home

The gallbladder is a small organ in the human body, but it plays a very important role - it takes part incollecting bile which is necessary for digesting food. Its main function is to store the bile produced by the liver. But sometimes it happens that the work of this body fails. Many believe that in this case it is necessary to clean the bubble. Is this true and how to clean the gall bladder?

What cleans gall

If a person abuses cholesterol rich foods and the liver produces too much bile, its excess accumulates in the gall bladder, hardens and forms so-called gallstones. They can be the size of a grain of sand, and can grow to the parameters of a nut or even a golf ball. It is from the stones trying to get rid of using the procedure of cleaning the bubble.

People whose diet is abundant in fatty foods, obese, or taking hormonal drugs are prone to gallstones. Often a person may not even be aware of the presence of gallstones, until they become large enough and do not begin to cause pain. As a rule, this happens if the stone blocks the bile ducts.

Signs of stones

It is accurate to answer whether there is a stone in the gallbladder, what size it is and whether the organ requires treatment, a doctor can give after an ultrasound diagnosis. Nevertheless, there are external signs, which can be suspected that the gallbladder needs help. This is: nausea; bloating; pain in the right hypochondrium, radiating to the back; fever.

Supporters of alternative medicine "recognize" gallstones and for some very unusual symptoms:

  • the formation of dark spots on the forehead, between the shoulder blades, on the shoulders and forearms;
  • one or two deep wrinkles between the eyebrows;
  • oily skin in the forehead;
  • acne and cracks in the tongue;
  • frequent belching and stale breath;
  • dark spots on the face or lips;
  • swollen or bleeding gums;
  • deterioration of the teeth.

But these are only guesses and assumptions. For statement of the diagnosis and development of tactics of treatment, inspection is necessary!

What is gallbladder cleansing?

If a person is diagnosed with gallstones that cause severe pain, doctors recommend that the patient surgically get rid of the problem - remove the gallbladder. But, as they say, you always have time to go under the knife, so many, before deciding on a cardinal step, resort to alternative methods of treatment. One of these - cleansing the gallbladder.

Proponents of alternative medicine claim that using a special diet can sometimes soften gallstones and remove them from the body. Most often, while cleaning use lemon, apple or vegetable juice, as well as olive oil. Cleansing is considered successful if the stones leave the body along with feces.

What happens during the cleaning of the gallbladder

Before you decide on the procedure, many are interested in what happens to the body during cleansing of the gallbladder. It depends a lot on the recipe used for cleaning. For example, if the program includes olive oil, then you must be prepared for a laxative effect. By the way, this is the most common "side effect" of cleansing. Besides him, many at this time happen nausea and vomiting.

How to properly clean the bubble

In order for the treatment to produce the expected result, one should understand that everything in the digestive system is interconnected and if a problem has arisen in one organ, then it is possible that another will need cleaning. For example, before doing the cleansing of the gallbladder, it would be useful to start by clearing the intestines, through which, in fact, gallstones will be removed.

For complete cleansing of the gallbladder usually takes 6-7 days. For the procedure, you can use different sets of products and preparations. One of the most popular consists of the following components:

  • apple juice (per 1 l for 1 day);
  • 4 tbsp. l magnesium sulfate diluted in 1 liter of water;
  • half a glass of olive oil;
  • 1 glass of fresh citrus juice (grapefruit, lemon or orange).

Magnesium sulfate (magnesia) is necessary in order to relax the bile ducts and thereby facilitate the removal of stones, to make the procedure less painful. Olive oil works as a lubricant and makes it easier for the stones to exit.

One week before cleaning

A week before the "day X" you need to transfer your body to a diet that does not contain fatty and dairy foods. During this period, it is allowed to eat an unlimited amount of vegetables and fruits, as well as some lean meat, but cold foods should be avoided, as they affect the effectiveness of the cleanse.

For 6 days you should drink about 1 l of fresh apple juice. This amount of drink must be divided into several methods. The first glass a day should be drunk 30 minutes before meals, the rest - 2 hours after meals. If the juice is too sour or causes unpleasant side effects (bloating or diarrhea), it can be diluted with water before use. Why precisely apple juice? This fruit contains fruit acids that help soften and then destroy gallstones.

X day

For cleansing the gallbladder, it is best to choose a time when you can stay at home throughout the day, as the procedures will require frequent visits to the toilet.

As in previous days, the day must drink 1 liter of fresh apple juice. But now the last portion of the drink must be consumed before noon. Completely refuse food on this day is not necessary (although it is possible). But unconditionally have to give up sugar in any form, dairy products, animal protein and fat.

In addition, during this day should drink a drink of magnesium sulfate. It is prepared from 4 tbsp. l substances and 1 liter of water. The resulting mixture should be divided into 4 servings and drink over the next 2 days. The first portion of this solution should be consumed on "X day" at 18.00. The second portion - on the same day, but at 20.00. Then, just before bedtime (lying in bed), you need to drink a cocktail of olive oil and citrus juice.

The next day

The last two servings of saline should be taken at 6.30 and 8.30 in the morning. After the last magnesia you can drink juice. Fruits and light foods are allowed throughout the day, and you also need to drink plenty of clean water. Until the evening, as on the previous day, frequent urges to the toilet are possible, but by the next morning the state of health and the work of the digestive system will return to normal.

Other ways to clean the gallbladder

There are many other recipes of traditional medicine used to clean the gall. Consider the most popular.

Apple vinegar

Apples are rich in phytochemical compounds with antioxidant and healing properties. It is believed that some of them can crush gallstones. For this reason, these fruits are the most popular means to clean the gall. But in addition to juice, apple cider vinegar can be used as a medicine. According to one of the recipes, in order to clear an organ of stones, it is necessary to drink 1 to 5 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar 5-6 times a day. The procedure is repeated for 10 days. Another recipe advises to drink 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar mixed with juice from 3-4 apples for 10 days.

Pears with honey

Not only apples, but also pears are considered beneficial for cleansing the gall. Not least because of the rich content of fiber and pectin, which contribute to the normalization of cholesterol and the removal of gallstones. Medicinal drink is prepared from pear juice (from 4 fruits), a small amount of boiled water and 1 tablespoon of honey. Drink advised to drink several times a day for at least 4 weeks.


Mint has a beneficial effect on the digestive system, regulates the flow of bile and prevents the formation of gallstones. In addition, it can alleviate the condition in the presence of problems with the work of the gallbladder. For cleaning, you can use a drink from a handful of fresh mint leaves and 500 ml of water. All cooked on very low heat for 10 minutes. Mint tea should be drunk three times a day for a week.

Lemon with olive oil

The essence of this method is to drink a mixture of 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and 1 tablespoon of olive oil for 40 days every day. Some clean the gall with only lemon juice and water (for 120 ml of fresh juice, take 2 liters of water). Lemon is an excellent detox for the whole body. In addition, citric acid facilitates the digestion of food and helps dissolve gallstones.


Beet juice in folk medicine is known for its ability to slowly dissolve and remove gallstones. You can drink it by mixing with carrot and cucumber juice (for 1 part beetroot take two parts of the other juices). At first, you should use no more than 1-2 teaspoons of juice per day and gradually increase its amount to 1 cup (drink half a glass twice a day). The course of treatment is 2 weeks. After a 2-week break, repeat. But this method of cleansing the bladder is not suitable for people with gastric ulcer or duodenal ulcer, kidney dysfunction.

What to do after cleaning

Just say, to clean the gallbladder at home with the help of folk methods is not always and not all. But if the procedure helped, after cleaning it is important to revise the power system. To prevent the re-formation of stones, you must:

  • include in the diet a lot of foods containing fiber;
  • Avoid foods high in unhealthy fats (fried, cakes, fast food);
  • Replace harmful fats with useful, for example, olive oil.

After cleaning, you must follow a balanced diet, avoiding extremely low-calorie food (it increases the risk of gallstones).

After the procedure (as, indeed, before it), you must consult a doctor. If, after cleansing the bladder at home, small stones still remain, the doctor may prescribe ursodeoxycholic acid preparations, which are used to dissolve hard accumulations in the gallstones.

When cleansing the bubble can not be

In some cases, cleaning at home can be dangerous. In particular, it is prohibited to conduct the procedure to people who have recently undergone surgery. In this case, the body may still not become strong enough, and cleansing for it will be very stressful. Also, do not carry out cleaning for persons under 18 years of age, women during pregnancy or menstruation.

And the most important thing is that before starting to cleanse the gallbladder at home, you should consult with your doctor. This will avoid unwanted side effects and complications.

What do doctors say about this?

Cleansing the gallbladder with the powers of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and olive oil are principles of alternative medicine. Scientific evidence that these methods help to clear the bubble and prevent the formation of stones in them does not exist today. Cleaning at home is not without risk. Some people may experience colic, nausea and vomiting during the procedure. Sometimes these side effects are so severe that they can be a health hazard.

If the patient knows about the presence of stones in the gall bladder, but they do not bring him discomfort, it is not necessary to begin cleaning without medical consultation. Sometimes this procedure can cause a strong attack that requires immediate surgical intervention.

Once again in conclusion I will say that the use of traditional medicine is possible only after an examination with the determination of the position in the gallbladder of the stones and examination of the gastroenterologist.

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